Adulting: Does Anyone Else Feel Like They Just Can’t Get It Together?

Adulting: Does Anyone Else Feel Like They Just Can’t Get It Together?

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill that’s gradually speeding up? You’re already going at full capacity and if something doesn’t change FAST you might fall off the edge?
I’ve been feeling that way a bit lately (and I know I’m not the only one), so I thought I’d share a bit about why I think it’s got to this point and how I plan to turn it around.
Lately, I’ve been stretched more than usual. I’ve juggled more responsibility and learned more in the last few months than I did the final three years of school. I’ve been blessed with incredible clients and opportunities beyond what I’d imagined. But it’s come to a point where I need to admit that I just can’t stretch any further.
And whether you have your own business, run a busy household, take care of your family, have a puppy, or work in a job that takes up all your time… you might be able to relate to where I’m at right now. Life feels like it’s moving a little too quickly, tasks are piling up, and there’s just no time or energy to keep on top of it all.
I’ve been so busy organising my clients’ lives and helping them that I forgot to prioritise my own needs. You see, it’s not that I’m a disorganised person (quite the opposite) but life has become more intensely demanding. I’ve been busy with:
  • Running my own house
  • Doing mum stuff
  • Increasing my client load and services
  • Learning new things
  • Marketing my own business
I’ve been so busy that I stopped caring for myself and keeping up with basic tasks. I’ve been so caught up with trying to be an adult and a “successful” business owner that perhaps I skipped over the most important bits.
So, in true Karly fashion, I fired up Google and searched “How to be an adult… and get my s**t together”.
Fortunately, Google had a lot of great suggestions on how I can level up my game. Most of the ideas I found were about getting your personal admin sorted, organising your home, and prioritising self-care. And while I’m pretty good at organising my home (you’d hope so!), I could definitely improve my self-care and personal admin systems.
So, just in case you’re in a similar situation, I thought I’d share them here.
Set goals: know what you want to get out of life. Look long-term, think big picture, and then work your way back. This gives everything you are doing now purpose and meaning and forces you to prioritise. Speaking of which…
Prioritise your to-dos: not all tasks are equally important. Choose just one or two things that must get done right away and put them at the top of your list. Everything else can wait. On that note – a good task management system can help keep this organised.
Track your income:know your numbers – how much money do you have and what is its purpose? Have goals for your savings so that you don’t accidentally spend it all.
Don’t double-handle:take care of small tasks as they come in, like paying a bill or sending a quick message. This avoids double-handling and means you don’t spend any more time thinking about them than necessary.
Tackle your inbox: figure out a system to get your inbox under control. Reply to important stuff, and archive or file everything else. Unsubscribe from anything that doesn’t add value.
Use a calendar:keep a planner or calendar for all deadlines, events, and commitments. Get information out of your head and onto paper, because as your responsibilities grow, you can’t rely on your memory. I have a diary where I keep all my appointments… but I might transition to a digital calendar soon.
Declutter and discard: don’t hold onto stuff in your home that isn’t serving a purpose. Keep a donation box in your garage and empty it every month or so. Clutter is going to slow you down and make it hard to find the stuff you need, so declutter regularly.
Set up a command centre:keep your keys, mail, bags, and other important stuff in one spot. This is known as your command centre. You could use this space to display a family wall calendar or a chalkboard with important reminders.
Decorate:everything in your home should be beautiful, useful, or comfortable. Your home should feel like yours, help you relax, or help you get stuff done.
Practice self-care:make time for yourself and do things that fill your cup. This could include going to the gym a few times per week, taking a long bath, sleeping in, choosing healthier meals, or going for a walk out in nature.
Create good habits: change your routine and habits and you’ll change your life. Figure out what’s important to you and create a daily routine that will help you achieve it.
Exercise regularly: even if it’s just a few minutes of stretching each day, keep your body moving.
Go to bed early: you might have been able to do 1am bedtimes as a teenager, but part of adulting is realising that early bedtimes and early wakeups make for a more productive day.
Menu plan, shop ahead, and meal prep: avoid the takeout trap by preparing your food ahead of time. Plan your menu once a week and then do all your shopping. Meal-prep a few meals and snacks so that when you have a long or busy day, you don’t have to resort to takeout.
Give yourself grace:you won’t get it right every time. No one does. Just keep doing your best and working on yourself, and you’ll get there.
So, I’m working on it…
As I’ve shared rather openly and honestly here… my life is currently all over the place. I need to get on top of my self-care and put in place some better personal admin systems to help me get it all together. I’m working on it. But until then, I’ll be the frazzled small business owner who tries to do too much in too little time and could probably do with a massage.
Maybe I should go easier on myself… but that’s not my usual approach 😉
How do YOU manage it all?
Firstly, please let me know I’m not alone. Do you ever feel the same?
And if so, how do you manage it all? What are your tips to help me get my life together and get better at adulting?
Let me know in the comments!
P.S. I’m about a million times better at organising my clients’ lives than my own – promise. As a personal concierge, I can run errands, clean your home, declutter, shop, organise, and more. So, if you’re based in Brisbane, and would like me to get YOUR life less frazzled, I can help! Check out my services here or contact me to chat about what I can take off your plate. And hopefully, we can laugh at our lack of adulting and get our s##t in order together!

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