About Buy More Time

Hi and welcome to my little business.

I’m Karly and I started this business with idea to help everyday people just like like you.


It all started when I couldn’t find a job on the Sunshine Coast. I don’t deal well with idle hands so, I came up with the idea of a Personal Concierge business. I thought to myself, ‘how cool would it be to do people’s general tasks and todo lists!’.

I had $50 in my bank account, thought of some possible business names and put it to my friends and family to gauge the right one. This is when Buy More Time was born and things just grew from there.

In 2016 I registered my business name and ABN and built a free wix site. From there I posted in local groups offering my services to do errands for people. I got featured in the local paper which was cool but things didn’t really boost from that to be honest. It all boosted when I started getting a few clients and the word of mouth began.


Since then, I have aimed to please each client with my outstanding personalised services and attention to detail.

This is when the work really started to come in. I’ve always known that I am far from a good sales person and if I just aimed to exceed customer expectations that that was the best way to get more business and continue doing what I love.

When I first started, I was offering admin, pet sitting and errand running at super cheap prices. Ideally, I just wanted to get my foot in the door with potential clients.

The first service to bloom was pet sitting and I love animals. So it was kind of cool that I got paid to care for animals (mainly dogs) while people got to enjoy their time on holidays without the stress that their pets weren’t 100% comfortable.

I had a few admin jobs flow through and got to do a heap of different research, implement and organise schedules, all to assist my clients with their day to day life.

My passion is to help people organise and declutter their homes and lives.

So when that didn’t quite take off the way I’d hoped, I put it to my social followers to see what service they wanted, and guess what it was… CLEANING.

It wasn’t ideally what I wanted to hear but I’ve been cleaning for over 5 years at the time and thought to myself ‘I’ll just do this temporarily! Beggars can’t be choosers right’. Well here I am 5 years later with a majority of my income coming from cleaning.

I still get the odd declutter and organising jobs each month which I absolutely love and thrive when they come in.

I have been so lucky to have the clientele I have and some have even become friends! I am truly blessed when I look back at just how far this business idea has bloomed and I am so grateful each and every day.

Buy More Time is a personal concierge service with a difference servicing Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Redland City regions. It brings you trusted, personalised assistance at a price you can afford.
If you need help with decluttering, cleaning or any of your household tasks. Get in touch today!


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