Personal Concierge

Do you hate shopping?

Do you forget or procrastinate when it comes to errands?

Well then you will LOVE this!

You can get back your evenings and weekends with Buy More Time as your personal shopping wiz and errand runner.

I can make sure you never run out of fresh food, your cleaning is sorted, the mail up to date and your great-aunt Marge has the perfect birthday present (she’s always wanted that sunhat, trust me) … all without you lifting a finger.

Getting help in these areas is not a luxury – it’s just smart.
Don’t waste your time doing stuff you hate. Outsourcing your errands and shopping will free up your time to do more of what you love with the people you love the most.

Errand Run ning
People Who Benefit from a Personal Assistant

Entrepreneurs & busy executives.
FIFO workers.
Senior citizens.
People who may be incapacitated due to illness or injury.
Anybody who hates errands or just doesn’t have time to get it all done.

Need something done?

This service is available to clients in the north suburbs of Brisbane.

Get your very own Personal Concierge for only $66 per hour.

Give me a call to identify your least favourite tasks and then book a session so you never have to do them again.

Some Things that I can do for YOU
  • Pick up fresh groceries and produce.
  • Buy (and wrap) gifts.
  • Buy clothing essentials for work, weekends and holidays.
  • Help with booking holidays, or booking appointments.
  • Purchase and send gift baskets/flowers.
  • Pick up and drop off dry cleaning.
  • Organise clothing alterations.
  • Getting another set of keys cut.
  • Dropping off and picking up mail.
  • Responding to letters, sending thank-you cards and writing RSVPs.
  • Paying bills (online and in store).
  • Delivering or collecting items.
  • Organise car service pick up/drop off.
  • Organise gardeners or tradespeople for your home.
  • Assist with home deliveries of appliances and furniture.
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